With a right strategic vision and attempts by the staffs through the generations, we has built a CTIN developing strongly and becoming the leading entity in Telecom and Informatics Technologies.

In the way of development, we has coped with many difficulties. However, with reasonable route for each period, we have succeeded and obtained many achievements like today. Evaluated by the clients as “Company No.1 in Vietnam”, with the largest market share in construction, integration of infrastructure of mobile network for biggest GSM exploiters such as Vinaphone, Mobiphone”

The leading Company in Vietnam in the field of System integration”: Deployed successfully IP core network for the Central Post throughout the 64 provinces and cities; deployed successfully MetroE for 29 provinces, cities including the 2 biggest cities Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh – projects valuating for more than 20 million USD (the greatest contract with Cisco in Vietnam)

Member of VINASA, won many awards: Deployed AIS for major groups, especially VNPT group, which has been applied at all the offices, departments, member units and VNPT of the 64 provinces and cities; Prepared software serving telcos such as BCCS, OSS, ERP

The human makes success:

The biggest experience is the strategy of building and training a human force with high degree, working professionally. It is easy to see that CTIN is a sustainable development company, where the talents are trained, and the individuals can uphold creation and express the abilities, especially a professional working environment, good treatments for labors, particular company culture.

Up to now, CTIN has had a force of experts, engineers deploying successfully turn-key projects in the field of Telecom and Information Technologies, appreciated by the clients and partners.

Cooperation with partners:

The story originated from the time when mobile phone had just been knew in Vietnam.

With the strategic vision by the leadership that the Company would become the leading supplier of mobile network, the first question was how to catch this technique and enter into the market of suppliers.

At that time, the suppliers, successful foreign brands in Vietnam had to enhance both working area and human force. Siemens was a model. That was a big opportunity for CTIN. The step of decision had come.

The company leaders recommended an advantageous position for Siemens and a human force with such qualities as required by Siemens. The cooperation did finally mature.

The attempts and quality of service work was increasing and the opinion of cooperation for mutual benefits in the direction selected, CTIN has obtained one success to another and has become the leading mobile network technique service supplier in Vietnam.

Till now, almost of telecom equipment suppliers such as Huawei, Motorola, Nec, Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia-Siemens, etc. and exploiting contractors want to cooperate with CTIN.