Joint Stock Company for Telecoms and Informatics (CTIN) always commit:
Quality is the most important for CTIN’s development.
With slogan Turning the Shortages of Yesterday into the Availability of Today and the Perfection of Tomorrow, we -  CTIN commit:
- Always listen, understand and satisfy every customer’s requirement.
- With reputation and experience, CTIN always put quality as the first priority, providing the best service and product for customers.
- Continuous innovation, combined with other postal operators, telecommunications, value-added services and terminal manufacturers to create the package comes useful service, flexibility and friendly for customers.
- Continue to train human resources to provide competitive product and meet customer’s requirement.
- Maintain, develop and improve continuously quality control system according to ISO 9001:2008 to meet customer’s requirement.
All CTIN’s employees will make the best effort to implement fully all the above mentioned commitment.


                      Hanoi, 26 January 2012
                      General Director              

                                                                                       Nguyễn Trí Dũng