Central Post and Telecommunications Department (CPT)

The Central Post and Telecommunications Department (CPT) is an entity in charge of information and communications serving the Party and State agencies such as: ensuring information for the meetings of The Central Committee of the Party, the nation-wide General Meetings of the Party, the elections of the Assembly and the assembly and Government meetings, spreading all over the 63 provinces and cities, to district-level agencies of the Party and the State. CT-IN is proud of being the designer, supplier, installer and deployer of network infrastructure for CPT as from phase 1 till now.

Vietnam Data Communication Company (VDC)

Vietnam Data Communication Company (VDC) is an entity belonging to Vietnam Post and Telecom Group (VNPT) with the operation of 4 units in the 3 coasts: VDC1 and VDC Online (North Coast), VDC2 (South Coast) and VDC3 (Middle land).

During the 20 years of operation, VDC has always been the leading company in Internet, data communication and Information technologies in Vietnam; and is the “Favourite Internet supplier” in Vietnam for many continuous years.

VDC has the largest network infrastructure system of Vietnam with total international loading in 2010 of 70Gbps, a network covering all the 63 provinces, cities, and cooperates with more than 10 inter-nation groups to supply services all over the world.

VNPT of provinces and cities

VNPT of provinces and cities of VNPT Group are belonging entities in charge of managing, operating, exploiting network infrastructure of VNPT in the locals and provinces, cities all over the country. Annually, VNPT of the provinces and cities contribute considerably to the revenue and profit of VNPT Group.


Enterprise Clients

Government, enterprise clients of CT-IN include of the Government Office, Central Agencies (the Ministries, Departments, Bureaus, and Sectors), banks and other SMEs. Since 2010, CT-IN has enhanced the process of entering into government, enterprise market; and this is expected to be an operation field bringing great revenue for CT-IN in the near future.

Major and key projects

  • Build solutions and deploy LAN/WAN network system for stage 1 at MHBank – 2011
  • Supply McAfee anti-virus software and technical support service attached for server and workstation serving in the production and business of Air Mekong – 2011
  • Lease Cisco network equipment system and IBM server for software, auxiliary equipments for Air Mekong – 2010


Corporation Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications

VNPost is a State-owned corporation, decided to establish by the State and granted finance through Vietnam Post and Telecom Group (VNPT). VNPost includes of member companies which are Posts of provinces and cities, maintaining and managing public post network, supplying public post services, international post services. Besides, with the advantage as a supplier with busy network all over the country reaching commune and ward level, VNPost also supplies financial, insurance, stamp issuance, press and tourism services.

VNPT Ho Chi Minh City

As an entity belonging to VNPT, VNPT HCMC is the supplier of telecom service and information technologies in HCMC market. Along with VNPT Hanoi, VNPT HCMC is the leading entity of VNPT, contributing a major ratio to the annual revenue and profit of the Group.

Vietnam Telecoms National (VTN)

Vietnam Telecoms National (VTN) is an entity belonging to VNPT Group, with the main function of organizing, building, managing, maintaining and operating and exploiting long-distance and hiring inter-province telecom channels, being a conjunction connecting domestic provincial telecom networks with international gates. VTN is an entity assigned the task of managing, operating the National core network of VNPT to ensure thorough operation of the national information infrastructure.


Vietnam Telecom Services Company

Vietnam Telecom Services Company is an economic organization – a member entity accounting dependent on Vietnam Post and Telecom Group (VNPT). The main functions of Vinaphone are organizing, building, managing, maintaining and operating and exploiting nation-wide telecom networks and services (including networks of: mobile information, messaging and card-based phones nationwide) to run business and serve for plans and development direction assigned by the Corporation. With a large scale of network all over the provinces and cities, including remote areas, mountainous areas and islands, Vinaphone has always keeping the position of one of the leading suppliers of mobile information service of Vietnam.


VNPT Hanoi

VNPT Hanoi is an economic entity accounting dependently, belonging to VNPT. Since September 2008, VNPT Hanoi includes of VNPT Ha Tay (former) and a part of VNPT Vinh Phuc, Hoa Binh after the decision on merging these locals in Hanoi. With a wide-spread scale in a territory of 3000 km2, VNPT Hanoi is one of the entities with the largest telecom infrastructure of the 63 provincial and city VNPT.

Vietnam Mobile Telecom Services Company (VMS)

Vietnam Mobile Telecom Services Company (VMS) is a State owned company belonging to Vietnam Post and Telecom Group. Established on 16th April, 1993, VMS has become the first enterprise to exploit GMS 900/1800 mobile information services with the brand MobiFone, marking the start of mobile information sector in Vietnam. Operation field of MobiFone is to organize construction engineering, develop the network and deploy supplying new service in mobile information. With the position of the pioneer, MobiFone has always been the leading supplier of mobile information service in Vietnam on quality and service.

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