Working environment

Working at CT-IN, you will feel the friendliness, openness, and you may uphold your abilities the best in the work.

You may show your opinion in the work and protect it.

Every member is always certainly to support each other in work, cooperate in work to make success for individuals and the Company.

Along with this force, the Company builds and maintains a work and study environment in which every member should always move by study, enrich new knowledge, and train the skills to be cable to take charge of the tasks given by the Company. Thus, there are always opportunities for promotion for individuals who are unceasingly trying to reach new levels with the Company.

Moreover, the Company has strong and useful entertainment activities, helping the staffs reduce work pressure, relax and regenerate labor, such as: Tennis club, table badminton, football, and art performances, team building, etc., creating attachment among the staffs.