· 2012
-          CTIN achieved CMMI level 3
-        Continues to be the leading partner of Cisco in the market of service providers with award “Top service provider partner”.
Ø FY12 Top Performance Service Partner
Ø FY12 Customer Satisfaction Excellence SI Partner
Ø FY12 Top Service Provider Partner
-          CTIN Top 200 Private Enterprise The Largest Income Tax
-          Ericsson-VMS 2G/3G RAN Expansion Project 2012. Contract value 30 million USD
-    Investment and Construction of Information Security Incident Monitoring System under the project Construction of National Network Security Technical System at VNCERT. Contract value 1,1 million USD
-          Providing Network Management System for Mobifone (Consortium : Erricsson A.B and CT-IN);
-     Supply the Performance and Traffic flow Management System for IP/MPLS Network.
-          BI/Data Warehouse.

· 2011

CTIN to receive the " Outstanding Telecommunications Solution Partner 2011" by IBM

-  CTIN is to continue leading partner of Cisco in the market of service providers. Joint Stock Company for Telecoms and Informatics (CTIN) was honored with three awards:

   +Top service provider partner

   +Top Advanced service partner
   +Customer Satisfaction Excellence partner

Launched retail system "5G VNPT". CTIN is the unit responsible for establishing and operating system business VNPT 5G nationwide.

- 10th anniversary of the establishment Joint Stock Company for Telecoms and Informatics (20/11/2001-20/11/2011).

- CTIN cooperated with IPGallery Inc to provide Media solutions, IPTV foundation and Service administration so as to expand value added services in Vietnam and in the region.

- CTIN continued winning the contract on supplying and installing MAN-E network expansion for 26 provincial and city departments of VNPT, value of contract up to 13 million USD.

- CTIN became main-contractor in SingleRAN project of Huawei for Mobifone and Vinaphone systems.

· 2010

- Entered into cooperation agreement among Vietnam Data Communication Company (VDC) and ITA Telecommunication Joint Stock Company (ITAtelecom) on providing services, making conditions to support and use each other’s services and products, especially telecommunication services, IT services and other value added services.

- CTIN succeeded in increasing its charter capital to 157 billion VND

- CTIN was the champion of the Traditional VNPT Youth Football in 2010.

- CTIN cooperated with Orange Business Services in providing services in comprehensive telecom information technology system administration in Vietnam.

- CTIN continued to be listed in the top 500 biggest enterprises of Vietnam in 2010.

- In 2010, CT-IN was the only Vietnamese enterprise and one of the 2 partners in southeast Asia to be granted the certificate “Global Silver Engineering Partner” by Huawei.

- CTIN received “Thang Long Cup of 2010” of Hanoi City.

- CTIN won many prizes of Cisco in financial year 2009 including:

  • Top SI FY 2010
  • Top Service FY 2010
  • Customer Satisfaction Excellence FY 2010

· 2009

- CTIN won the package on designing, supplying and installing MAN-Ehternet network system for 10 provincial, city telecom departments belonging to VNPT; marking an important development affirming technique level of CT-IN experts in high-tech, which is all new in Vietnam.

- CTIN continued winning the contract on supplying and installing MAN-E network for 17 provincial and city departments of VNPT in the group 4.

- CTIN invested in developing Smart building solution with the establishment of CTIN Intelligent Building Automation Solution (CiBAS)

-  CTIN assigned Mr. Nguyen The Thinh, Sales Manager to the position of Vice Director General, so as to meet the demand for expanding business operations which is in the trend of rapid growth.

- The product “Intelligent Resource Management System iRS” of CTIN won the 3rd prize of Vietnamese Talent Award in 2009 for the category “Widely applied product”.

- AIS product of CTIN was awarded the prize of Vietnamese IT Golden Cup in 2009 for the solutions, products and services of the units researching, training, deploying applications, businesses, services including the Best IT product of 2009.

- Vietnam Talent Award 2009, reached the final round of” ICT Awards for the enterprise with the best integrated system” in 2009 and granted the certificate of merit by the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications

- The revenue exceeded the level of 1,000 billion VND, reaching more than 1,300 billion VND.

· 2008

- In April 2008, CTIN was officially recognized and granted Silver Partner certificate by Cisco System (U.S)

- Cisco System officially recognized CTIN as Authorized Technology Partner in Vietnam in routing technology basing on the foundation of IOS XR administration system.

-  The Company deployed successfully billing checking system of Amdocs for VTN.

- Won the prize of Excellent Software Enterprise in 2008.

- CTIN was ranked in the top 500 biggest enterprises of Vietnam for the 1st time in 2008 according to the ranking VNR 500-2008 of Vietnam, and was one of the 4 biggest private Telecom and Information Technology of Vietnam.

- CTIN offered the stocks to the public for the 1st time.

- The Company raised capital for period 1 to 111 billion dongs.

-          The revenue exceeded the level of 500 billion dongs, reaching 516 billion dongs, and exceeded the limit of 500 billion VND for the 1st time, which was 166 billion dongs higher than 2007, increasing by 47% in comparison with 2007, equal to 12 times in comparison with 2001.

· 2007

- Restructured personnel and established Centres: Ctelecom, Cmobile, NGN-Cnext. The restructuring of personnel helped specialize the deployment, installation of telecom and mobile projects; Built a force of experts with high level of skills to research, approach the new technology;

- CTIN and Ericsson-Switzerland signed in the memo on comprehensive strategic cooperation in mobile trade – service – developing value added service software on 2-2.5-3G mobile network.

- Administration Information System – AIS of CTIN won the prize Sao Khue in 2007.

- CTIN was proud of having the first engineer granted with the famous CCIE certificate of Cisco, affirming IT degree of CTIN at high class in the region, and the knowledge, practice skills of CTIN experts reached international level, increasing the belief of customers in the products and services supplied by CTIN.

-          CTIN was recognized as Silver Partner of Cisco.

-          CTIN and the Central Post Office signed the contract on designing, supplying and installing Data transmission Network System for the Party and State agencies. The Project marked a new level of ability of CTIN, which is capable of deploying projects with values of millions of USD, spreading throughout the country.

- The revenue reached about 350 billion VND.

· 2006

- It was the first time that the Company won contract and carried out turn-key telecom projects including installing, covering, making acceptance and handing over independently (without technical support of the equipment supplier), marking the maturity in technical, organizational and project deploying ability.

- Continue being the main partner deploying service of installing and covering equipments for foreign brands such as Motorola, Nec, Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia-Siemens in the markets of VNP, VMS, HTC, EVNT.

- Deployed successfully the turn-key project of viba Pasolink at HT-Mobile network, from designing – installing – handing over, the partner and the developer evaluated the quality and profession very highly.

- CTIN won the awards of Cisco in financial year 2006:

  • Top Optical Partner FY 2006

- Revenue reached more than 158 billion VND.

· 2005

- The Ministry of Post and Telecommunication granted the remit “Software production quality control enterprise”

- The remit of Sao Khue award of VINASA and gold medal for the product “Administration Information System - AIS”

·  2004

-  In Nov. 2004, CTIN received the certificate ISO 9001:2000 from QUACERT organization

·  2003

-  It was the first time that the Company revenue exceeded 100 billion VND.

·  2002

- In December, 2002, CTIN was officially appointed by Cisco as the first Advanced Technology Provider Partner – ATP for optical network projects of Cisco in Vietnam, becoming one of the 3 ATP of Cisco in ASEAN region and the 7th in the whole Asia.

- Revenue reached: 79 billion VND

· 2001

- Successfully capitalized into Joint Stock Company for Telecom and Informatics – abbreviation: CTIN, belonging to Vietnam Post and Telecommunication Group, operating in telecom and informatics, pursuant to decision No. 537/QĐ-TCBĐ dated 11 / 7 / 2001 by the Head of General Post Office (which is now Vietnam Post and Telecommunication - VNPT)

- Charter capital when the shares of the Company is 10 billion, the rate of contribution is 35% of VNPT.

·   2000

-  Established Informatics Center, making foundation for developing Software and System Integration network, directing to business field in informatics and IT.

·   1996 – 1999

- Install infrastructure equipments (BTS, BSC) for VMS MobiFone and GPC Vinaphone networks; MWR transmission network for GPC Vinaphone network.

·   1995

-  Was the first mobile network infrastructure system integrator in Vietnam (through case study with Siemens, then Motorola and Ericsson)

·   From 1992 – 1994

-  Invested strongly in digital switching centre (Itatel, Siemens), viba transmission, optical transmission, leading the company to become a capable enterprise No.1 of Vietnam in transmission; knew almost of SIS/ATI, Fujitsu, Siemens (now is NSN), Nera, Alcatel (now is Alcatel lucent), Nortel, Harris, …equipment brands,

·   From 1973 – 1991

-   Operated mostly in producing, repairing, maintaining wired transmission equipment and the equipment for civil  such as Amplier, rectifier.

-   Average revenue: about 50 billion VND.

·   1972

-  Was formerly Informatics Equipment Repair Enterprise No. 1, established pursuant to decision No. 33/QĐ, dated 13 / 01 / 1972