Telecoms Software

Product BSS of CT-IN Joint Stock Company is being constructed based on Framework that Telecoms Management Forum (TMF – – is an organization including leading telecommunication service suppliers of the world; they provide telecommunication enterprises and intergrated system companies with Operations Support System/Business Support System (BSS/OSS)) as eTOM, SID, TAM, etc stipulated. This product brings an universal solution that can satisfy any requirements in present and future of telecommunication enterprises.

Postal service software

Courier Services are traditional services that are important for every country. Operators and service supplier have to deal with many problems to meet the higher and higher demands of customers about fast and accurate delivery, value added services, tracking items...
Registered mail system is aimed to computerize the entire process of acceptance, processing and tracking mail items and apply for all units of supply chain.

Software for enterprise

AIS is the system that was built in Lotus Domino platform of IBM. Being a well-known teamwork system, Lotus Domino is now becoming the platform for many softwares supporting enterprises all over the world in establishing and operating processes. Inheriting these advantages, AIS system provides enterprise with the ability of developing this application on the Internet, remote access, Email service, schedule, etc.