Registered Mail System

Courier Services are traditional services that are important for every country. Operators and service supplier have to deal with many problems to meet the higher and higher demands of customers about fast and accurate delivery, value added services, tracking items...

Registered mail system is aimed to computerize the entire process of acceptance, processing and tracking mail items and apply for all units of supply chain.

The system provides the best transfer solution. We guarantee that your data is safe, secured and consistent during the transmission processes between local database and center database by data checking mechanism.

Besides, the system allows keeping track of states and location of items, providing information for complaint management system and customer relationship system.

VNPost and local post-offices have executed the system

The system is a confidential product of skilled engineers with professional qualifications, standard production process that has been proved to bring success to customers.

The system has been executed successfully in 64 provinces for VNPost, improved serving quality and customer satisfaction.