IT network infrastructure

IT network infrastructure service

CT-IN has more than10 year experience for implementing big projects with hight technique demands in the whole nation such as: Data communication network exclusively for the party and state agencies; MEN network for VNPT Ha Noi, VNPT Ho Chi Minh, VNPT at 27 other provinces and cities; Datacenter for VNPT, Video Conferencing for VNPT. CT-IN has been assessed professional and prestige deployed company by customers. We are always ready to provide our customers the best service, satify customers.

1. Consulting, designing infrastructure information technology systems.

More than 10 year experience in implementation of large projects on a national scale for service providers and enterprises with many different solutions. We hope to offer clients the best consulting services in information technology network infrastructure design.

Service description:

  • Gathering technical and business requirements of customers
  • Survey the current networks of customers
  • Overall design
  • Detailed design
  • Providing to the customer overall designs and detailed designs

Some typical projects:

Design transmission network for CPT: a network provide hight quality services for party and State, helps CPT provide diversified, quality and safety services for the Party and State.

Design MAN-E network for VNPT: a network system connected at the provincial level with Ethernet technology helps VNPT improve the transmission network system to provide high speed, flexibility, multiform services, satify the increasing of customer.

2. Deploying information technology system.

Service description:

  • Collecting current information systems of customers to give the current state of the system,then implement the next steps of deployment services in information technology systems.
  • Providing to customers deployment plans, system integration: provide customers with the optimal method of deploying, integrating the new system. We ensure the safety and security information for the old system (if any)
  • Providing to customers operating procedures: Provided to customers operating procedures of information technology systems to satisfy standards for safety and security information.
  • Giving customers complete information technology system: Give customers information technology systems in accordance with the best production requirements  for the customer’s investment.

Some typical projects:

  • Project “Data communication network exclusively for the party and state agencies”
  • Project “System MAN-E for VNPT, MAN-E for VNPT Ha Noi”
  • Project L2 SW for VNPT Ha Noi
  • Project McAfee for AirMekong
  • Project Datacenter for VNPT, include 2 package deals: Infrastructure and Equipment.
  • Project “Replace Firewall equipment for IPCore VNPT Ha Noi network”
  • Project Outsource for Huawei
  • Project “Expansion MAN-E network  period 2010-2011 for 26 provincial and town telecommunications of VNPT”

3. Testing quality networks, services

CT-IN Company specializes in providing to customer the quality of services test, such as delay, bandwidth meter, other QoS parameters, …

Service description .

  • Packages loss ratio: This parameter indicates the percentage of  IP packets lost on the whole of the first IP packet sent to the network was transferred to the receiver.
  • Packages Delay: this parameter indicates the period from the first IP packet sent to the receiver.
  • The variation delay: This parameter indicates the fluctuations in magnitude of packages delay
  • Ability to meet the services: this parameter indicates the probability of successful use of services
  • Network convergence time

Some typical projects:

  • Building MAN-E network period 2007-2008 for provincial and town telecomunications group 1 of VNPT
  • Building MAN-E network 2009 for provincial and town telecomunications group 4 of VNPT
  • Building MAN-E network period 2010-2011 for 26 provincial and town telecomunications.

4. Optimizing information technology.

Service description:

  • Survey, analysing to find out the weaknesses of the system, the potential risks could affect the operation of the business
  • Building technical solutions to overcome the details for each component in the system as server, network, system software (OS), support system software (backup data software, management system software ...), the electrical systems - UPS, cooling system, lightning protection systems….
  • Making technical reports and recommending customers with suitable solutions to overcome.
  • Consultant, construction security network policies for enterprises
  • Troubleshooting and network optimization technology information network for customers.

Some typical projects:

  • Project “Data communication network exclusively for the party and state agencies”
  • Project “Expansion MAN-E network  period 2010-2011 for 26 provinces and cities telecommunications of VNPT”
  • Project operating business and production network of  VNPT

5. Training and transfer technology.

Service description:

  • Training technology intensively based on the request of customers: Metro technology, Ethernet, advanced security technology courses.
  • Training courses in information technology applications for businesses.
  • Training information technology for leaders.
  • Training based on the request of customers.
  • Beside  domestic training courses, CT-IN also organizes foreign training courses  with  leading experts of many different companies such as Cisco, IBM, Oracle,…

Some typical projects:

  • In recent years, CT-IN has successfully organized many training courses for customers. The most recent is Metro Ethernet technology training and transfer course for 26 telecomunication provinces and cities; training management system and Metro/MPLS technology for VTN.