Managed service

Managed service

Service Description

-  Planing, network design, network optimization and network development.

 - To build a network, network integration, service development and support systems such as CRM systems, OS, CCBs, ...

 - Performing daily tasks to ensure the operation of the network such as network operation and maintenance and systems support, field service, the customer  support services such as receiving orders, answering customers, ...

- Supply and supplement the necessary capabilities  for  network operators as needed.

The Levels of Managed services:

- Low level of Managed services is the task assignment (Out-tasking): A part of the network management tasks assigned to the Managed Service  Services Provider  who will perform. This level will be partially reduced operating costs and manpower for Telecom operators.

- The second level  is higher than the level assigned to the Managed services  providers who  will perform all of the technical operations, network optimization, network design and construction. This will result in the transfer of some staff from operators to service providers network operation and maintenance. The hiring of a professional unit to perform the entire operation of the network technology will significantly reduce manpower ,OPEX costs for operators.

- A higher level of Managed  services is ouside the entire responsibility on technical issues to exploit and develop the network operators, “Managed services” Service Providers  also carry out all the location  rental , the station, antenna and the entire broadcast and transmission (telecommunications) or equipment rental (system integration). Managed services  will have to ensure network quality indicators. With this model, operators will not only save manpower, costs but also other costs related to network, network investment costs.

- Highest level of Managed services that service providers are responsible for  the network optimization. This means that the unit will be responsible for Managed Service on behalf of telecommunications carriers to optimize capacity and coverage of services provided  through the network capacity only when needed and in what position should set. The network development will follow the needs and avoid the development of the network more or less than the demand.

some services:

 1.CTIN’s Webex Service

CTIN’s WebEx® Telepresence service is a telepresence service based on Cisco technology solution that allow people connect to each other with an individual or multiple parties by any type of devices. Webex provides high quality service in audio and video quality through the normal internet connection

CTIN’s WebEx® Telepresence can enable you to collaborate-in person with contacts across your business community-within your organization and with partners, suppliers, and customers. Enjoy high-quality audio and video at up to 1080p high-definition (HD) video resolution. Connect with an individual or multiple parties with the click of a button. An -in-person meeting can be as simple as highlighting a contact and starting the call. Share documents or your desktop as if you were together in the same location. Discussions are confidential through support for highly secure signaling and media encryption.

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 2. CTIN’s web security service (CWS)

CTIN’s Cloud Web Security delivered Security as a Service (SaaS) based on Cisco technology solution that meet a very different security approach from Cisco: comprehensive web security as a cloud service. CTIN and Cisco are delivering intelligent cybersecurity for the real world. We provide superb visibility, consistent control, and advanced threat protection before, during, and after an attack.

 As a cloud-delivered web proxy, our Cloud Web Security product provides security and control for the distributed enterprise across one of the top attack vectors: the web. Users are protected on any device and in any location through Cisco worldwide threat intelligence and advanced threat defense capabilities

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 3.CTIN’s Meraki

Cloud managed networking service that based on Cisco Meraki solution is complete and perfect for group or enterprise with many branches and remote sites.

CTIN and Meraki’s cloud based management provides centralized visibility & control over Meraki’s wired & wireless networking hardware, without the cost and complexity of wireless controllers or overlay management systems. Integrated with Meraki’s entire product portfolio, cloud management provides feature rich, scalable, and intuitive centralized management for networks of any size.

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4.CTIN’s Energy Management

Cloud service is based on Cisco technology solution that allow customer manage and control energy consumption.

 Reduce energy costs and optimize energy consumption in your data center and distributed offices with Energy Management® Suite – now enhanced with technology from the recent acquisition of Joule X. See, measure, and manage energy usage of all your IP-connected systems. And now you can manage energy without installing software on your premises, using Energy Management Cloud, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application. Gain unprecedented energy usage visibility for every device and system connected to your network. Take advantage of Cisco’s energy expertise, greater resiliency, and hassle-free management while paying as you go.

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