Transmission solution
Transmission network provides links to transfer traffic between network nodes. There are two types: wired and wireless transmission. Wired transmission transfers information via coaxial cable, fiber optic. Wireless transmission uses air environment transmission with a microwave terminal SDH/PDH. Our transmission solutions bring to customer a method has optimal investment cost, schedule development and high efficiency.

Access Network and Leased Line solutions

 Access network and Leased Line are the last nodes of the telecommunication network, the last part of the process of bringing services to end users. With our experience, we will give customers what the best solutions through wireless access, wired (copper, fiber ..) to meet all service needs bandwidth requirement, a variety of protocols including voice, xDSL, ISDN, IP ...

Radio access solutions

       The demand of communication and using VASs on mobile networks (2G/3G) of user is increasing. To meet this requirement, the mobile network operators continuously improve network, coverage and data transfer speed. In practice, network development has many issues to ensure the business goals of the network such as the quality of coverage, network quality of service ... CTIN’s wireless network optimization solutions will be the best choice.

2G/3G solution


 In Vietnam, more than two decades of development, there are 7 operators of mobile communication services using both GSM and CDMA technology. With the number of subscribers grow over the years, the infrastructure of mobile communication 2G, 2.5G has been exploited up to the traditional services. So to have the appropriate network infrastructure to provide services on the IP/Internet, communication multimedia services, the new VASs, to increase the competitiveness of telecommunication enterprises are required to take steps to convert and upgrade existing infrastructure in mobile networks. Actual market development in Vietnam to see mobile networks using GSM technology dominates the absolute number of customers, so tend to migrate from 2G (GSM) to 3G (WCDMA) is consistent with the mobile network infrastructure current.

With the advantage of  many years a partner of  Motorola, Siemens (now Nokia-Siemens-Motorola), Huawei, Ericsson, ... CTIN always the first choice of the operators as Vinaphone, Mobilefone, Vietnammobile, EVN Telecom, ... in the provision of installation services, network integration and maintenance of the mobile station BTS /NodeB, BSC / RAN ....

 Power Supply Units

CT-IN Company provides power supply systems from 25A/50A/100A to 600A from well-known manufacturers such a Emerson, Invensys,…; batteries for telecom equipment such as SuperSafe, SN,…; lightening protection equipment from Tercel, Radiall,… and solar battery cells from BP.

Power Supply Systems from Emerson: 

    Emerson power supply products are the best solution for telecom and IT networks, especially for Base Transceiver Station in Mobile networks, for microwave & optical transmission equipment, for switching systems,…
    Emerson power supply systems comply with all international and industrial standards. It has modular architecture, support all hot standby protection mode and hot-swap capability for Customers to maintain their services 24/24 in any situation


Powerware power system from Invensys:
      Powerware power system series are solutions from world wide famous manufacturer, Invensys, for wide range of applications. They are optimal designed for telecom & IT application: provide both 24V and 48VDC, wide range of capacity from low capacity to very large capacity.
    Powerware is modular designed, having protection mode for important components, support local and remote management via software. It supports SNMP protocol so it can be managed in the same platform as other telecom & IT equipment.


Batteries for Telecom and IT Systems

    To provide a complete power solution, we also provide highest quality batteries in the world to ensure our customers’ power system working properly in any situation even in case losing AC power.

    In many years, we have provided our customers with various types of batteries from leading manufactures around the world such as SuperSafe from Hawker,… from 2V/cell battery to 24V/cell battery..


Lightening protection 

 To maintain normal system operation under severe climate condition, lightening protection
equipment is required for every systems. CT-IN Company has provided lightening protection equipment for various customers in Vietnam such as GPC (Vinaphone), VMS (Mobifone), 64 Provincial P&Ts, Vietnam Electrical Company (EVN),…

    We provide lightening protection equipment from many worldwide famous manufacturers such as Tercel (Australia), Radiall (France),…