Managed Service

Service Description

  • Launch mobile network planning, design, optimization, and development.
  • Build and integrate mobile networks, develop service and support systems such as CRM, OS, and CCBS.
  • Ensure efficient operation in terms of the operation and maintenance of the mobile network, support systems, field services, and customer support services such as receiving customers’ orders and responding to customers’ questions through strict monitoring processes..
  • Provide and supplement necessary network capabilities for operators whenever needed

Levels of Managed services:

  • The lowest level of Managed services is Out-tasking, which means that a part of network management is assigned to managed service providers.

This level will reduce a part of exploitation and human resource costs for telecom service operators.

  • The second level involves assigning the Managed services provider full responsibility for tasks including technical operation, network optimization, network design, and construction.

This will lead to the transfer of some employees from the telecom operator to the managed service providers. Hiring a professional team to perform the entire network engineering and operation will significantly reduce operators’ human resource and OPEX costs

  • A higher level of Managed services is that in addition to taking full responsibility for the technical issues of exploiting, operating, and developing the mobile network, the Managed services provider also performs the leasing of locations, stations, broadcasting antennas, the entire telecommunications transmission equipment, and system integrators.

Managed services providers will have to ensure the network quality index. With this model, mobile operators will not only save labor costs but also many other costs related to the network operation.

  • The highest level of Managed services is that the Managed services provider is also responsible for the network optimization.

This means that the Managed services provider, on behalf of the telecom operator, will optimize the capacity and coverage of the mobile service by only providing network services when it is needed and where it is needed. The network development will correspond to customers’ demands to avoid any unnecessary costs.


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