Unified Communications

In the language of the telecommunications industry in particular and information technology in general, Unified Communications (UC) is a term to refer to a unified environment used for connection and coordination. Consolidation can be viewed from two perspectives, either related to the fusion of communication technologies on a common platform or the fusion of many features and solutions for interactive communication between individuals or departments of the same enterprise or organization.

Joint Stock Company for Telecoms and Informatics (CTIN) provides unified communication solutions of some well-known firms (Cisco, Polycom, etc.), which arecapable of unifying voice, data, and applications over Internet protocol, fixed and mobile networks; so, users can easily communicate via any means in any workspace and on any operating system.

In addition, building a unified platform helps users switch seamlessly from one mode of communication (voice calling, video conferencing, instant messaging, email, fax, etc.) to another, using only a single device instead of having to open a separate application for each task.

Solutions CTIN provides include:

  • Telepresence Solution (VTN, Government Office)
  • Video conferencing solution (Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology, VNPT Binh Dinh)
  • VoIP Solution
  • Meeting Place Solution
  • Solution for customer care center (IP Contact Center)
  • Web, chat, and email system solutions

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